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Wine Rainbow Ribbed Bauble
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Textured Baubles

With texture being a big thing with interiors at present we have extended this within our range. This year adding into our range Antique Foils into our 2" and 3" Range.

Think, how concrete looks, when its been lain. Smooth in the most part, but with a tiny edge of roughness. Our photos don't do this beautiful texture justice.

Straight out of the Ocean

You could almost wear these! Our pearlescent bauble emits a softness, that you don't often come across with a glass decoration.

Reminiscent of a pearl, straight from the sea. Available in all of our colours, in both a 2" and 3" size.

Wine Rainbow Ribbed Bauble

A Drop of Oil

Doesn't this remind you of oil, that is in a little puddle on the floor? We have captured this essence in our new range of Rainbow Ribbed Baubles. Made with a lustre finish, ensuring some transparency when it is within your Tree. It will glimmer all of the colours of the rainbow when the light catches it. Each colour has a slightly different effect. Available in our 3" and 4" Ranges.

Glass Baubles in a Variety of Colours, Shapes and Sizes

Our Crackle Glass Balls are now available in multiple sizes, ranging from 1" to 6" in diameter

Dont just take our word for it...........

the colours were really vibrant, and the quality superb, they are truly beautiful, and the crafting is superb, also they are a good size.

Susan Morris

Lovely items, great quality from an extensive, beautifully curated range


Wow I was so pleased with these when they arrived. I needed some "child friendly" non breakable tree decorations and these hand painted baubles did not disappoint. they are just beautiful. we highly recommend